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Analog Hall Sensor

Analog Hall Sensor - Miscellaneous
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Analog Hall Sensor

This sensor measure a magnetic field. If this is presence it wil put the signal line to high. In this example the led on the arduino (pin 13) will be turned on when signal of sensor is high. Also on the module itself is a led that will be on when signal is high.

Code Sample:

int Led = 13 ; // define LED Interfaceint SENSOR = 10 ; // define the Hall magnetic sensor interfaceint val ; // define numeric variables valvoid setup (){
pinMode (Led, OUTPUT) ; // define LED as output interface
pinMode (SENSOR, INPUT) ; // define the Hall magnetic sensor output interface}void loop (){
val = digitalRead (SENSOR) ; // read digital interface is assigned a value of 3 valif (val == HIGH) // When the shock sensor detects a signal, LED lights{
digitalWrite (Led, HIGH);}{
digitalWrite (Led, LOW);}}

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