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Banana Pi Prototyping Plate

Banana Pi Prototyping Plate - Miscellaneous
Banana Pi Prototyping Plate - Miscellaneous
Brand: Banana Pi
Product Code: AC-1125
Availability: In Stock
Price: 13,95€
Incl. 2,23€ VAT excl. shipping costs

Banana Pi Prototyping Plate

The Prototype development module is designed specifically for the Banana Pi. The module suitable enthusiasts and user can weld peripheral to the module;The module expand some amphenol connector and some SMT, so the user can finish prototype test easily.

Product Feature

  • Expand common GPIO through amphenol connector
  • Expand common GPIO through Female Header Connector
  • Set aside a large amount of welding hole


  • I2C amphenol connector
  • Female Header Connector
  • SPI amphenol connector
  • SPI Female Header Connector
  • Serial port amphenol connector
  • Serial port Female Header Connector
  • 3.3V Vcc
  • 5V Vcc

 Product Parameters

  • 3.5mm Amphenol Connector
  • 2.54mm Female Header Connector

Typical Application

  • Hardware weld primer
  • Prototype experiment
  • DIY enthusiasts

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