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GertDuino - Miscellaneous
GertDuino - MiscellaneousGertDuino - Miscellaneous
Brand: GertBoard
Product Code: RP-1013
Availability: In Stock
Price: 34,95€
Incl. 5,58€ VAT excl. shipping costs


GertDuino is an Arduino and Arduino Uno compatible GPIO expansion board for use with the Raspberry Pi by Gert van Loo.

GertDuino offers onboard Atmega 328 shield hosting which will execute Atmega 328 code written and compiled on the Raspberry Pi. The onboard Atmega 48 provides RTC, IrDA front-end, and additional computational capability.

  • Atmega 328 (Arduino-Uno® compatible) with:
  • - Arduino-Uno® compatible connectors
  • - Reset button
  • - 2 user push buttons
  • - 6 LEDs
  • RS232 level converter
  • Atmega 48 with:
    • - Unused I/O connector
    • - RTC crystal
    • - Battery backup power supply (Battery not included)
  • IRDA interface

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