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Rain sensor

Rain sensor - Miscellaneous
Brand: Various
Product Code: AC-1172
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Rain sensor

Connected to 5V power supply power lights, induction board no water droplets DO output is high, the switch lights off, dropping on a drop of water, DO output is low, the indicator light switch. Brush off the the above water droplets, has returned to output high state. AO analog output can be connected to the microcontroller AD port to detect the size of the drops in the above rainfall. DO TTL digital outputs can also be connected to the microcontroller detects whether there is rain.

  • Voltage: 5V
  • The power indicator, output signal LED indicator.
  • TTL-level output, TTL output valid signal is low about drive capacity 100MA can directly drive relays, buzzer, a small fan, and so on.
  • Sensitivity adjustable via potentiometer
  • No rain when the output is high LED lit up raindrops, the output of the ground level, LED light.
  • Raindrops board and the control panel is separate, convenient line leads.
  • A large area of raindrops board, more conducive to rain detected.
  • Board with positioning holes to facilitate installation
  • Control panel board size: 3 x 1,6mm
  • The raindrop detection plate large area 5,4 x 4,0mm

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