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SMD RGB - Miscellaneous
Brand: Various
Product Code: AC-1135
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    SMD RGB LED module consists of a full-color LED made by R, G, B three pin PWM voltage input can be adjusted.
    Primary colors (red / blue / green) strength in order to achieve full color mixing effect.
    Control of the module with the Arduino can be achieved Cool lighting effects.

    - using 5050 full color LED with max current of 20mA
    - Forward Voltage : Red 1.80V (2.4 max), Green,Blue 2.8V (3.6V)
    - RGB trichromatic limiting resistor to prevent burnout
    - through the PWM adjusting three primary colors can be mixed to obtain different colors
    - with a variety of single-chip interface
    - Operating voltage: 5V
    - LED drive mode: common cathode driver

    Code Sample:

    int redpin = 11; // select the pin for the red LEDint bluepin = 10; // select the pin for the blue LEDint greenpin = 9; // select the pin for the green LEDint val=0;void setup () {
    pinMode (redpin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode (bluepin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode (greenpin, OUTPUT);
    Serial.begin (9600);}
    void loop () {for (val=255; val>0; val--){
    analogWrite (11, val);
    analogWrite (10, 255-val);
    analogWrite (9, 128-val);
    delay (1);}for (val = 0; val <255; val++){
    analogWrite (11, val);
    analogWrite (10, 255-val);
    analogWrite (9, 128-val);
    delay (1);}
    Serial.println (val, DEC);}

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